LAS VEGAS ROUNDUP Marathon Meetings

Date TimeGroupTopic
Nov 23rd3:00 PMLas Vegas Roundup CommitteeLet Go and Let God
Nov 23rd4:00 PMLiving TodayGratitude
Nov 23rd5:00 PMVeterans Group2nd Step
Nov 23rd6:00 PMMore Will Be RevealedWorking With Others
Nov 23rd7:00 PMWe Care Centennial (YMCA) Group AA Way of Life
Nov 23rd8:00 PMSassy's Step GroupFirst Year in Sobriety
Nov 23rd9:00 PMRush Home Group3rd Step
Nov 23rd10:00 PMInto Action GroupWe Stood at the Turning Point
Nov 23rd11:00 PMMiracle Group10th Step
Nov 24th12:00 AMNight OwlsTo Thine Own Self Be True
Nov 24th1:00 AMH.E.R. GroupWillingness
Nov 24th2:00 AMOPEN3rd Tradition
Nov 24th3:00 AMOPENStaying Away From First Drink
Nov 24th4:00 AMMax's WormsDaily Reprieve
Nov 24th5:00 AMGrapevineAA Stories
Nov 24th6:00 AMSunrise GroupGratitude
Nov 24th7:00 AMStray DogsUnity, Recovery, Service
Nov 24th8:00 AMChoicesExperience, Strength, Hope
Nov 24th9:00 AMWelcome HomeThe Big Book
Nov 24th10:00 AMTwisted SistersAA In Your Life
Nov 24th11:00 AMThursday Night Thumpers (TNT)4th Step
Nov 24thNoonNewcomers Rock IIPlatitudes and Attitudes
Nov 24th1:00 PMHappy Hour GroupThe Promises
Nov 24th2:00 PMBeer 30 GVGThe Newcomer
Nov 24th3:00 PMStood at the Turning PointJoy of Sobriety
Nov 24th4:00 PMLas Vegas H&IService
Nov 24th5:00 PMMisfitsSex
Nov 24th6:00 PMFloating Big BookA Vision For You
Nov 24th7:00 PMBoston Group7th Step
Nov 24th8:00 PMQuality AirMore About Alcoholism
Nov 24th9:00 PMAA @ 8amGod As I Understand Him
Nov 24th10:00 PMSoul Purpose12 Step
Nov 24th11:00 PMService Keeps Us SoberOne Day At A Time
Nov 25th12:00 AMTaking It To The StreetsHumility
Nov 25th1:00 AMLVYPAA11th Step
Nov 25th2:00 AMOPENSunlight of the Spirit
Nov 25th3:00 AMThe Beginners MeetingHonesty
Nov 25th4:00 AMVegas StrongerWe Are Not a Glum Lot
Nov 25th5:00 AMOPENSelf-Centeredness
Nov 25th6:00 AMThe GraduatesOpen Discission ( 24HR-A-Day)
Nov 25th7:00 AMHealing RoomGratitude in Action
Nov 25th8:00 AMFirst 164First 164
Nov 25th9:00 AMOne Rule GroupDon't Drink, No Matter What
Nov 25th10:00 AMGuide To 12 StepsHow it Works
Nov 25th11:00 AMFirst BrewLiving in Sobriety
Nov 25thNoonDirt BagsLiving Outside the Rooms
Nov 25th1:00 PMWe Care HouseAcceptance
Nov 25th2:00 PMDavis HouseWhat it was Like, What Happened, and What's it Like Now
Nov 25th3:00 PMWhiskey and MilkRule 62
Nov 25th4:00 PMHow it WorksA Homegroup
Nov 25th5:00 PMRetreat Men's GroupPeople Who Would Not Mix
Nov 25th6:00 PMYou PeopleObsession
Nov 25th7:00 PMCompton IntergroupSponsorship
Nov 25th8:00 PMCA 9604 Alano ClubOpen-Mindedness
Nov 25th9:00 PMNewcomer's Meeting1st Step
Nov 25th10:00 PMZoom Into AAIt's the Journey, Not the Destination
Nov 25th11:00 PMDouble-Digit GroupCarry the Message
Nov 26th12:00 AMSunday 12&12One Day at a Time
Nov 26th1:00 AMOnly Way Home GroupEmotional Sobriety
Nov 26th2:00 AMSpiritual ProgressWhose Will Is It?
Nov 26th3:00 AMOPENAny Lengths
Nov 26th4:00 AMRule 62 GroupHappy, Joyous, & Free
Nov 26th5:00 AMWednesday Women's Club (FBC)Gratitude in Action
Nov 26th6:00 AMFresh Start Virtual Principles Before Personalities
Nov 26th7:00 AMFresh Start IITerror, Bewilderment, Frustration, Despair
Nov 26th8:00 AMSearchlight GroupEnjoying the AA Way of Life

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