LAS VEGAS ROUNDUP Bill & Bob’s Coffee Shop

About Bill & Bob’s

Bill and Bob’s, A.K.A the Coffee Shop, A.K.A. the Hospitality Suite, is actually the epicenter of Fellowship for the Las Vegas Roundup. It is the place where locals gather, where you can greet friends from other cities throughout the states. It ‘s a place to have a cup of coffee with your sponsor or sponsee. It’s a place get a bite to eat and listen to local AA musicians jam.

Looking for AA or Al Anon literature? Visit the Grapevine or Al Anon booths to see the selection pamphlets and books for purchase. You can also find out more about Grapevine’s “Carry the Message” project, the Podcast, Instagram, and the new App! And Saturday at 2:30 the Grapevine team will be hosting a 20-minute Trivia Game on Bill and Bob’s stage! Join the fun and win a prize!

Once again SGLY Media will be selling CD’s and flash drives of the Roundup Speakers for your collection.

LVRU Memorabilia will be available for sale. Make sure you are styling in the latest in recovery fashion with hoodies, hats and shirts. And admission to Bill and Bob’s is always free.

Cash Concessions located in Bill and Bob’s
9AM-9PM Friday & Saturday

Bill & Bob’s Coffee Shop Hours
Thursday: 3PM – 10PM
Friday: 8AM-10PM
Saturday 8AM-10PM
Sunday: 8AM-Noon

Your recovery from alcoholism and addition depends can be strong with friends in recovery. No better way than to stay connected than by visiting Bill and Bob’s Coffee Shop! Staying focused on what it takes to be successful is easier when you have the support of those around you. The importance of friendship and fellowship in recovery is clear.

If you’re new to the fellowship, you’re in the perfect position to open up about your experience and receive support in return. Don’t worry about keeping score or trying to pay others back for their kindness – that will come with time. Your job now is to stay sober and keep attending these meetings. As you work the steps, you’ll acclimate and begin to give back to others (and even support more newcomers yourself).

At first, the outpouring of support in early recovery may feel overwhelming. You may even feel guilty that so many people are going out of their way to help you. This is completely normal. As time passes, you’ll grow to understand that service to others in the group strengthens sobriety.

Regardless of how much time you have, you can benefit from joining us at this event. Fellowships in sobriety are comprised of people just like you, who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. We look forward to seeing you this year at the Las Vegas Round Up!

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