Las Vegas Roundup 2022
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yoga las vegas round up

Yoga is a Way to Think, Breathe, and Move

Yoga can be an important tool in recovery and is increasingly being used by other recovering alcoholics. It can provide a healthier outlet to cope with potential triggers and life stressors that can make staying sober difficult. Yoga doesn’t require a specific location or a lot of expensive equipment, so it can be practiced anywhere at any time, which makes it such a great option.

How can yoga benefit me? You will feel more flexible and stronger after doing any sort of physical exercise, including yoga. Aches and pains that you could feel from any withdrawal will decrease as you stretch through them. Yoga can help increase energy levels, which helps improve the quality of sleep and also encourages people to eat better. Sleep and eating habits can be disrupted by withdrawal symptoms. When properly sleeping and eating better, you feel better physically.

Our LVRU Yoga activity will be led by Tammy W. She is a certified, licensed, and insured yoga instructor with over 250 hours of certifications. She has been teaching and guiding for over 3 years now and practicing over 15 years.

The yoga group will meet Friday at 2:30 PM, and Saturday at 11:00 AM.

Please remember to bring your own mat!

How Do I Sign Up for Yoga/Meditation?

You can sign up for yoga/meditation by adding a yoga ticket onto your LVRU registration. It’s a very simple process. Just visit our registration page and follow the steps! If you have any questions you can email us at [email protected]

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